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Ta Dah! Baby Booties

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

As promised, here is a picture of the finished pair of booties I had admitted to be working on while in an online meeting in my last post.

I cannot tell you how much I love these booties. Ever since the evening when I first clapped eyes on the pattern I have been in love. They are my go to make if I need a baby gift quickly, if I am feeling low and need a pick me up or if life is crazy busy and I need a project that I know I can work up without too much thinking. I think over the past five years I could admit to making close to a hundred pairs.

Some people love booties, some people don't. Lets face it like most baby shoes, they fall into highly impractical category. Beautiful to look at, a nightmare to put to use. They are fiddly and they are prone to falling off, getting home after a walk to discover your bubs is only wearing one boot is enough to make you cry.

Why do I even bother to make them for gifts, for my shop or simply just because I can? The answer is simple...booties evoke a strong emotional response not only in myself but in others. Booties are so much more than something to wear. A pair of booties can hold feelings of anticipation, joy, sadness, longing. They act as both past and future treasure that serves our hearts rather than our heads.

Yep, I had to make a pink pair of booties as well!

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